The Graveyard

Here lie our fallen brothers. Press F to pay respects. 🙁

RIP Quaffle8
RIP Bleeps
RIP Tiny Rick
rip pyon
rip frosty
rip petina
rip z1zek
rip abc
rip goy

Leaving Discord, or 'cutting the cord', as the saying goes, is a sign of growing up. Looking back, we were all sissies, cheats, no-good failsons, pretenders and pseuds. But life doesn't stagnate, it moves on. There's a reason why we're homo sapiens and not homo erectus, why we're humans and not apes - we evolve. We've all evolved past our internet personalities and the outcome - as evidence shows - has been positive. Shiki had fantasies of being a big-titted female biology professor but having realized his folly, he achieved this minus the grotesque fantasy of being a female. Not only did he grow up, he manned up. And I like to think that we've all manned up during these wacky internet years - because the fact is that we're all men here, some more manly than the others but men nevertheless.

Now, is 'cutting the cord' the right thing to do? Well, it all depends on how much this app is holding down your dreams (if you have any). We all have to ask ourselves that. But, being conscious of it isn't enough - we also need to act, and that takes some willpower. It's like eating fast food or drinking soda. Sure, we know it's useless and perhaps even harmful in larger doses but we still do it 'for a lack of better alternative'. But that's only a lie we tell ourselves. There's always a better alternative and more often than not we're aware of them but refuse to act them out because we're used to our old life - we're the slaves of our habits.

You don't open Discord every day of every month because you expect something good and exciting to happen. You open it because it's now a habit. A habit you've been building for the last two years. And every night you shut down your computer, with disappointment visible in your face, for nothing great happenned today either for you invested all your time and attention on Discord, chasing that long-lost feeling of excitement and 'being a part of it' that you once had. But why limit yourself to that one place on this beautiful world where you know you're sure to get disappointed? Abandon the internet, or at least do something that doesn't involve the internet for a couple of hours a day. And I don't mean your job, or going to buy groceries, but doing something real and productive that makes you feel fulfilled.

Maybe it's different for you people, but the internet never 'fulfills' me. I might laugh, cry, curse - feel a mix of different, ephemeral, emotions. But it's not fulfillment. Not even a momentary happiness is produced here. Just all so humane emotions - nothing divine, like what the outside world offers. But you're a failure, too old start anew, too "lazy" to become great. Or so you tell yourself. And how could you think otherwise, when all the chaps around you think the same. It's a vicious cycle. And when one of your ilk leaves the cave and achieves something magnificent you scorn them, for they've abandoned humanity for godhood. But you can join them, if you only wish to.

You're but a man wishing he was a 5th grader again (or whenever you think you had the most fun at life) but you can't come back to that time, you cannot return. That life is already lived and you lived it good so why not do the same in your current life? You can. Odd that you prefer sandbox videogames, where you control what you do when life's the same way. But I guess it's true what they say, 'if it was easy everyone would do it'.